Apnsoft Combobox v1.5

APNSoft ComboBox is a professional replacement for the classic ASP.NET ComboBox (ASP.NET DropDownList) component.
It provides a powerful, unique and useful capabilities for building web application user interface. You can use icons, separators, user-defined slider arrows, rulers, backgrounds, etc.
Developed as a fully managed .NET server control it generates DHTML output using an XML source with the ComboBox structure that can be obtained from a static file or programmatically. Also, the product includes intelligent behaviour support: auto and smooth content scrolling, transition effects, etc.
APNSoft ComboBox is a flexible, reliable, powerful and easy to use product. It generates compact HTML and JavaScript code and fully compatible with all popular browsers.


Cross-Browser Support
- APNSoft ComboBox offers full up-level cross-browser support for IE 5.5 , Firefox 0.8 , Mozilla 1.4 , Netscape 7.0 , Opera 7.5 , and Safari 1.2 .
Highly Customizable Look
- Colors, sizes, borders and fonts can all be customized to visually integrate with any project.
- Support for icons, background images, separators, user-defined images for the slider arrows and rulers.
- The visual appearance is specified with CSS.
Rich featured
- Smooth content scrolling.
- Support for transition effects.
- Customizible component width and height of DropDown List.
- Support for onClick / onMouseOver events to open DropDown List.
- Support for auto scrolling DropDown List content.
- Absolute or static positioning.
- Support for keyboard navigation.
Intelligent Behaviour
- Used the default styles and data structure to see the results immediately.
- Automatically displayed over HTML select boxes, Flash movies, other ActiveX components.
- Health Checking. Can generate client-side messages which allow developers control the ComboBox status.
Flexible Programming Options
- The ComboBox Structure is defined through XML and can be obtained from a static file or programmatically.
- Automatic PostBack function is supported.
- Ability to disable/enable the ViewState.
- Support for server-side event.
- Support for client-side events.
Other Features
- Multiple ComboBoxes on a single page are allowed.
- Support for Unicode characters.
- C# and VB.NET examples included.
· ASP.NET 1.1, 2.0, 3.5
· Visual Studio .NET 2003, 2005 & 2008

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