Richtextedit v1.1

The allinasp.NET RichTextEdit offers developers the ability to easily add rich-text editing capabilities to new or existing ASP.NET applications. Replace your dull HTML TextArea's with a familiar word-processor interface your users will already know.
The allinasp.NET RichTextEdit offers programmatic control over the toolbar's and toolbar items. Developers can customize the layout of the toolbar's and toolbar items or even create additional custom toolbar items at run-time.
The control offers full support for all down-level browsers by replacing the WYSIWYG editor with a standard HTML TextArea. You can add the richtextbox control to existing pages using two lines of code or by simply dropping the control onto your web forms from the VisualStudio.NET toolbox.

- Lightweight, reusable, robust component
- Create/enable/disable entire toolbars or single toolbar items
- Extend functionality within custom toolbar options and JavaScript
- Import HTML or Word documents and retain formatting
- Simple to use for developers and end-users
- Works with ASP.NET form validation
- Exposes two properties for working with the text and raw HTML
- Lock down specific editing features
- Supports multiple instances of the control on a single page
- Support for down-level browsers (Netscape/Opera/Gecko)
- Works with statement completion in code-behind
- Add two lines of code or just drag and drop the control
- No JavaScript experience neccessary

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