Affilitrack v1.1

Affilitrack is a small, simple to setup and use script that will not only make your affiliate links look nice, but it will also keep track of how many times each link is clicked. This way, you can compare how many clicks you actually get with what your affiliate stats report.

Here’s an example of a Commission Junction affiliate link:
Using Affilitrack, you can change the URL to something like:
You have the ability to name the directory, in this case “affilitrack” as well as the link, in this case “sharedhosting” to whatever you want. Affilitrack works with text links or banner ads.
You’re not just limited to text links. You can do the same with affiliate banners! Each time someone clicks on one of your Affilitrack links, it is logged in the database. You can use this feature to simply keep track of your most popular links/ads or maybe you want to compare actual clicks to what your affiliates are reporting.

Affilitrack also makes updating affiliate/sponsor links simple! If the link changes, you no longer have to dig through your site updating each and every page. Simply update the link URL with Affilitrack and all the links throughout your entire website will be updated!

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