Affiliate Program Software

Affiliate Program Software offers the a solution for creating and managing an affiliate program installed on your own windows server.


Affiliate Software Links:
Clean Links Support
For best search engines placement results, you can create 'Clean Links', for example: instead of:
The purposes of 'clean links' are:
- Better S.E.O (search engine optimization) results.
- Avoid affiliate spamming through emails. (The links will not generate any clicks or sales from emails)
- Affiliates cannot use the links in a different websites other then the websites registered in the affiliate software join form.
Categories / Subcategories (Affiliate Network Script)
You can display your websites and links by categories / subcategories. Every category / subcategory can have its own commission structure. This feature is supported only by the Affiliate Network Script.
Advanced Links
Our Affiliate Software support Flash and Image banners, Text Links, HTML Ads, and Search Boxes.
Landing Pages
You can set a different Landing Page for every link, allowing your affiliates to promote a certain product or feature of your website.
Campaigns Management
You can create unlimited number of campaigns and track their statistics.
Link Statistics Reports
See which Banners / Text Links / HTML Ads / Search Boxes & Campaigns are the most popular and have the best convert rate. Link Statistics is only available with full links. You cannot use Link Statistics with 'Clean Links'.
Affiliate Commissions:
Flat fee / percentage commissions
You can give your affiliates flat fee or percentage commissions per sales, plus per click and per lead commissions.
Commission Profiles
This Affiliate Program Software supports unlimited number of commission profiles for preferred affiliates or scalable commission structure. You can give your preferred affiliates higher commissions by changing their status.

Smart unique clicks (Advanced per click program)
In addition to the standard pay per unique click Program, Our Affiliate Software have a Smart Unique Clicks System that will count only clicks produced from a certain pages in your site. Enable you to test if the affiliates traffic is efficient or just go to your homepage and leave.
Recurring Payment Support
Independent recurring engine which supports recurring payments commissions for any subscription cycle (days, weeks, months and years).
You can customize the currency of your affiliate commissions.
Multi-Level Features
10 Downline Levels Full commission control on every level. Every tier level has its own percentage / flat fee commission.

Affiliate Software Administration Control Panel:
Affiliates Signup Approval
This option allows the administrator to approve/reject affiliate applications. A notification email is sent to the administrator every new application when a new application is received. An approval/rejection email is sent to the affiliate to notify him about the Admin's decision.
Detailed Statistics & Payment Reports
Administrator Reports including: Affiliate List, Affiliates Activities, Customized Payment Reports, Banners Popularity and more...

Export Payment Reports
Design your Payment Report CSV file to integrate with your accounting / check printing application (QuickBooks, Quicken, Chexx Inc, VersaCheck...).
Send Newsletter to your affiliates
You can send Dynamic Newsletters to all your affiliates or some of them.
Reverse / Delete Sales
You can always reverse or delete a sale including recurring sales. When you reverse a sale, the affiliate see it as a negative sale in a red font. When you delete a sale, the affiliate only see his earings decrease, so it is better to use the reverse function.
Status & Activation Control
You have full control on your Affiliates: Status (approve / reject / freeze...) and Commission Profile.
Automated Emails 

Welcome Email
Welcome Email is sent to the affiliate when he first join the Affiliate Program.
Confirmation (Activation) Email
Confirmation Email with a unique activation code is sent to the affiliate after he joins. After the user click on the activation code a thank you email is sent.
Automated Sales Notification
You can activate 'Sales Notifications' so Affiliates are notified by email when they earn commissions from sales activities.
Restore Password
Affiliates can restore their Username/Password easily.
Affiliate Software Compatibility
Server / Database
The ASP / ASP.NET Affiliate Software requires a Windows 2000 or Windows 2003 Server with Access or MS-SQL Database Support.
Easy to Install and Customize
Only basic HTML and ASP knowledge is required to customize the affiliate program script. If you encounter any problem integrating the affiliate software with your website, you can always use our free installation service.
Shopping Cart / Billing Systems Integration
Support all Shopping Cart/Billing Processing Systems that can post to your Payment Successful Page the following variables: Sale amount, and Sale Order ID.

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