Adtracker Pro

AdTracker Pro is a comprehensive and powerful ad tracking system, complete with a built-in membership system.

With AdTracker Pro, not only can you track advertisements and sales but you can also sell memberships with our software and earn extra income with your own ad tracking business!

AdTracker Pro is capable of tracking hits, as well as an unlimited number of sales and actions. This software provides the most comprehensive statistics available, on an unlimited number of campaigns.

AdTracker Pro is perfect for tracking PPC listings, e-zine advertising, classified ads, joint ventures, link exchanges, viral marketing tactics and many more! AdTracker Pro is the perfect solution for people looking to start their own ad tracking business and earn profits or for your ad tracking needs!

AdTracker Pro first analyzes your ads, links, joint ventures, etc... by precisely tracking every hit, sale, affiliate sign-up, opt-in list sign-up.

It then shows you exactly where every hit came from, and then which hits resulted in a sale, new affiliate, or new subscriber to your opt-in list! You will then find which ads are making you the most money, and which ads are just barely surviving or even worse, loosing money.

Adtracker Pro also allows you to split run test different elements on your web site to see the effect they have on your visitors. Split run testing works by evenly spitting your traffic between two URLs, then tracking the results of each URL.

This allows you as a marketer to test everything from headlines, to different colors, to closing statements. This feature alone will drastically increase your profits. In order to earn more money, you need to know what makes your visitors want to buy and once you know this, your website will become an unstoppable profit machine, that just keeps going!

- Low operation cost
- AdTracker Pro is host on your website so you do not need to pay monthly fees
- Easy to use and manage
- Earn money by starting your own ad tracking membership business
- Offer value-added service to your existing customers!
- Fast and easy to install
- Runs invisibly entirely on your site!
- Admin Control Panel
· Perl 5 and above
· Perl GD li>
· &odule
· MySQL (version 3.23 or higher)
· MYSQL module DBI & DBD
· MYSQL database
· .htaccess capabilities

  • Developer: AlstraSoft
  • Website:
  • Platforms: Windows / Linux / Mac Os / Bsd / Solaris
  • License: Commercial License - Single license + 1 year updates ($120.00) BUY the full version
  • Language: Perl

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