Active Newsletter v4.3

Active Newsletter is web-based newsletter/mailing list manager. It can handle multiple newsletters assigned to different editors. Each Editor can login ,create, send, and view a newsletter. A Subscriber is also given web page where he can easily subscribe/unsubscribe. The source code written in Active Server Pages with Access 2000 or MS SQL database is available.

- Built-in web-based WYSIWYG Newsletter Editor
- Convert any HTML file to an email HTML Newsletter - Create the newsletter using any HTML editor.
- Upload the html and the gif pictures
- ANL automatically changes the local img URL link to http.

- Supports Newsletter created from MS DOC - Save the DOC file as a Webpage (HTML)
- Upload the html and the gifs.
- ANL automatically changes the local img URL link to http.

- Count how many times newsletter has been viewed.
- Create Multiple Editor Accounts
- One Editor account can manage multiple Newsletters
- A Newsletter can have multiple Newspaper or issues.
A Newspaper can by html or plain text. These are sent as emails.
- Each Newspaper can have many News Links
News Links are imbedded in the Newspaper. Each time it is clicked it reports back to Active Newsletter and adds one to the News Link Counter and Newspaper Click Counter It then redirects to the News Link URL.
- Newsletter Effectivity Report and Analysis
- Number of clicks per News Link
- Number of clicks per Newspaper
- Number of emails per Newspaper
- Click thru ration (clicks per Newspaper/emails per Newspaper)

- Allow subscribers to search for keywords in the Newsletters.
- Opt-in mailing list. Requires verification of subscriber's e-mail address beform subscription is activated.
- Send thousands of email with one click. Supports CDONT,ASPEMAIL,ASPMAIL and JMail
- Send bulk e-mail using BCC (Blind Carbon Copy)
- Send personalized e-mail. Each email will include the subscriber's name and e-mail address.

- Subscriber login page to subscribe/unsubscribe newsletter
- Send Text or HTML newsletters.
- 100% ASP script.

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